Sunday, February 4, 2007

A few of my creations, Scrapbooking

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from 2006. It was hard to pick just a few and I may add more at a later time. Starting in 2007 I will add all my creations as they are made.

This layout was of my daughter on her wedding day. I thought she was beautiful!

This is her engagement picture taken in 2006. What a cute photo. I do believe I did the picture justice with my layout!

Here is a fun one. This layout is from pictures we took at the Laurel and Hardy Festival. There is a funny story to this. I thought it was going to be one very boring day. But my husband was dying to go. So off we went. I reaely tell my husband no about anything because he never tells me no. He is a wonderful man who always trys to be sure that I am happy. Anyway back to the story. I thought this would be Boring. Turns out, I had the most awesome time! We laughed, ate great festival food, and spent 2 hours getting lost because I needed a picture of a boat. Then as we were driving around looking for the lake that the interstate sign said was on the exit, we found a tiny town. I stopped in a coffee shop and asked for a Mocha. The man looked at me with disdain and said "We ain't go no Starbucks round here".. Oh goodness, we laughed all the way back home! I tried to make this layout have a fun and funky feel. That was our mood for most of the day!

Here is one I did of Fall. This is John's daughter in her Halloween Costume!