Friday, October 23, 2009

Lovin the Copic Airbrush!

I recently purchased the Airbrush System from Copic and I'm loving it! I had a hard time finding the right compressor and the right adapter..that part was a nightmare!

I didn't want to spend 200.00 dollars on the one recommended. Hey a girl only has so much crafting money! So I purchased a cheap air compressor from WalMart only to find out I couldn't use it! Ladies, learn from my mistake...Make sure your compressor has a regulator or your just wasting your time because if it doesn't you will be bringing it back as I did. Though, I would have brought it back anyway because it was so loud it sounded like a jack hammer and you'd need earplugs!

So..I researched and found this one!
It's from Home Depot and I adore it. Did you notice? It has wheels! It was so simple to put together, simply attached the adapter hose and turn on...boom! Instant beautiful air!

Now, let me tell you about the adapter. Oh lord! Walmart, Sears, Home Depot and even PepBoys doesn't have it..have never heard of it, has no clue where you can get it!
I finally emailed Sally Lynn McDonald and asked what kind of adapter and where could you find it!
She informed me that Dixie Art has them. She's so helpful! I just adore her!
Ok. so back to my story. So I call Dixie Art and they knew exactly what I was talking about and had it in stock. Problem have to order a $25.00 min. purchase for all online orders. And if you say well I'll order some Copics too..forget it! It's in a different section of their store..They have their store broken up into 3 different stores..and each order from each store has to have a $25.00 min. purchase. I don't think they will be seeing much of my complicated! that I knew which adapter I needed and the name of it. I called Dick Blick..and yes..they had it in stock..only 1..I begged them to save it for me as I live 45 minutes away. This they did! and it was perfect!
If your compressor has the usual 1/4" fitting you will need the iwata 10' braided Airhose. Warning they have 2 kinds! a 1/4 to 1/8 and a 1/8 to 1/8..
Make sure you get the 1/4 to 1/8 and your in business!

So here is my first Airbrushed Card!

The image is from DZ Doodles you can find it here!
I created this card for our Copic Buzz challenge this week. Sponsored by Dew Drop Craftz. The challenge was to use no Patterned Paper.
This worked perfectly with my card!
You can find the challenge here!

Card Details:
Image - DZ Doodles
Background - Copic Airbrushed
Copics Used for image:
Hair: YR23, Y23, E25
Skin: E000, E11
Shorts: B34, B37 (Texture on shorts) Gauze dipped in colorless blender and touched
to shorts.
Shirt: R27, R29


Tammy said...

This is just awesome girl!! I just love what you did with the airbrush and it is just perfect for this image!!! Now I want one too!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Barbara!

Wow, an amazing airbrush work! Didnt even know there was a copic airbrush, how cool is that?!?

Michelle :)