Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where did I go?

It's been weeks since I posted here..2 weeks I think..are you wondering where I went? I didn't go anywhere. I have been shopping for the holidays and decorating my house. Thankfully DZ Doodles and Copic Buzz has given the DT December off for the holidays! I sure needed it! I thought I'd share some of my decorations with you.

Last year I did my tree in red and gold. This year...everything is decorated in red and gold!

First off and most important is my tree!

My favorite ornaments are these..I bought them at Garden Ridge for 2 bucks each!

Here is a window that is cut out in my kitchen.

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to make a wreath! My first homemade wreath! Cost...12.00!

Here is my nutcracker collection in the curio cabinet!

Here is my snow village!

Here is my table! I still need to make some napkin holders and get some napkins!

And last but not least!
Here are my darling angels I bought at Costco for 10.00! These angels are over a foot tall and so so glittery! They came in a box of 3 for only 10.00 for the whole box. One angel was blue so I didn't put it out! I'm only decorating in red and gold :o)

You have to excuse the tape on the light switch. My grandson love to turn off the computer that is plugged into that switch! So I taped it! :o)

So, now you see why I have been missing! Happy Holidays to everyone!!


Patricia St Martin said...

Very beauitful Barbara! So colorful and joyful

Anita said...

Wow! This is amazing. Your wreath is beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Barbara said...

Wow girl looks beautiful next year can you come help me.Gosh i love your house

Sandra said...

Very pretty! Love the tree and all the vintage things!!

Mina said...

wow Barbara your house is amazing its like Santas grotto...beautiful...Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for following my blog this year
Mina xxx

Lori said...

Hi Barbara :D Just found you from the Copic Buzz Group page - came to check out your color combos... and what do I see? Oh so beautiful pics of your holiday decorations - very, very nice! Everything is coordinated so well. Can I have your house? LOL!