Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swirlydoos - Swirlygirls challenge - Match your style

For this Swirlydoo's challenge we were to take a photo of something in our home and use that photo as an inspiration for a layout.

Here is the photo I used:

As most of you know we purchased a house last year for cash. We have been slowly redoing it pay check by pay check because we do not want to get a loan and end up owing money for the house.
Hubby thinks is so funny that this lamp is my most prized purchase. He laughs that it's not the hardwood floors we saved for 6 months for, not the fountain outside that I begged for weeks for, not even the paint in the kitchen that I took back 3 times and then finally ended up mixing myself because I couldn't get the color I wanted from the store.
Nope, it was this little lamp!
I smile everytime I see it lit up.
See, we had a list a mile long for the electrican to repair, important things like the dryer outlet, ( I hung clothes out on the line for 9 month!) yep, even in the winter..that sucked! lol
anyway, we had a list that was long and the outlet for a pendant lamp over that sink was at the bottom of the list. Hubby made sure that it was worked into the estimate as a suprise for me. He called me and told me to go and pick out what I wanted. I was so touched! He is the sweetest! So everytime I turn on this lamp to do the dishes, I think of how pretty it is and how sweet he is...

I tried to mimic the stained glass effect using the chicken wire from Dusty Attic that Jen convinced me I needed.. I did need it!
I glued a piece of plastic to the chicken wire and then colored that plastic with copic markers that matched the colors in my lamp, I then poured glossy accents on top and let it dry. It really looks like stained glass! so so cool!!

Everything in the LO (excep the twig)either came from Swirlydoos kits, made with things from the kits and/or Swirlydoos store. I know you guys are probably getting tired of my raves about Swirlydoos but girls...this kit club rocks!