Friday, September 16, 2011

Paper Traders Autumn Banner Swap

I participated in an Autumn Banner Swap in the Paper Traders Yahoo Group. The details of the swap were to use a template as the base and use fall colors.
This was my very first swap ever! There are a few things I've learned...number one...never wait until the last minute because the unforeseen will happen! And the's so much fun to get something in the mail that someone else has created!

Let me say..I've never created a banner before and this tried my patience! To say the least! lol...I had to make two attempts because the first attempt looked pathetic! I wouldn't have hung the 1st one on my wall and would be damned if I'd send it to someone else to hang on theirs. I finally gave up on the first one and just started all over.

Because I started over I ended up being late in mailing mine out. But..Beckie was an angel in understanding and told me not to stress. I will remember how kind she was and make sure that in future swaps I have the same patients with others that she had with me.

Here is the Autumn Banner I received from Beckie. It is to die for and I've proudly hung it up in my craft room. Every time I look at it I just smile. She is a very talented crafter! Her blog address is

I'm proud of my second attempt. Which goes to never should give up and say I can't do this..just try something else and in the long'll get where you wanted to go :o)

Here is the Banner I made:

If you've never done a swap before I hope you'll take a chance and try one. It is so much fun!

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Barbara said...

Barb yours came out beautiful and im sure when your partner gets it she will love it.Swaps are fun i just did a bottle swap and you can be surprised in what you can stuff into one.LOL!! Hope all is well