Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun Gothic Arch

Flying Unicorn had a Polar Bear and Pajama Party last weekend. It was so much fun! We had challenges, games, and of course prizes!

One of the challenges was a Gothic Arch challenge. I'm not to used to making Gothic Arches, in fact...this was my 2nd one of all time!
The first one I made for the challenge ended up in my scrap leftover file as it was horrible! lol..do you ever make something and then pitch it aside because you are to embarrassed to post it? Yep, that one was a failed project.
But hey, that is ok, because in the future I'll use it as a part of the background on a mixed media canvas...a little gesso on top or some molding paste, paint, ink, etc..and that baby will look good!

I soooo loved my second attempt! The background is just beautiful! I wish you could see the shimmer in it. They need to make a camera that captures shimmer and glitter! :o)

I just love the doll or whatever you call him! or her! or whatever it is! lol.. I bought the image from Cemerony Etsy Shop. I just adore her images!

So the moral of this story is..if you don't succeed..just start over! lol

Bridal Shower Card

I completely forgot to post a card I made for my Daughter's Bridal Shower. I made the card 2 weeks ago but didn't post it because I didn't want her to see it before the shower.
So here it is..

I just loved the how the cameo and the flower gave it such a romantic feel!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Another layout completed! I have been playing with new journaling techniques and exploring color combos for the past couple of days. But I did find time to create a layout of my daughter's wedding. I used the Vintage Blue line from Glitz Designs. I do believe this line is my favorite line ever! lol..as hard as it is to find.. I believe it's a lot of scrapper's favorite line!

I was having trouble finding some of the line and a dear friend (Alda of Flying Unicorn) sent me what I couldn't find..She had it in her store. I swear she is one of the most sweetest people I know. How many shop owners do you know that would send you something you were desperately trying to find and instead of selling it to you, sends it and says Merry Christmas!

I do believe that is why I spend so much time at Flying Unicorn..Not because I received something for free...but because..she truly cares about people. She is one of the most uplifting people I know!

Anyway back to the layout. I am entering this in the Flying Unicorn's, Let's Lift It Round Robin Challenge. A really cool challenge where you lift the persons LO before you. I had the unlucky privilege of being first..lol..so others will be lifting this layout..poor poor dears!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Journaling Goals - Journaling Cover

One of my goals this year is to keep a daily Journal. It will be a journal for personal growth (hopefully)! I plan to journal about feelings as well as use it to grow artistically.
My goal is to work in my journal 15 min. a day. So far I've kept to that goal. Well, if you count the making of the cover lol..I finally finished it today and I hope to look back at the end of my journal and see a lot of growth in my art.
Even though I love Art. I seem to struggle. I would love to take design classes but my budget will not allow it. So I have been watching Journaling videos, reading design articles and trying to learn color theory. This has been added to my 15 min a day art goals.
I am also taking part in a 365 Days in a Picture group at Flying Unicorn and plan to incorporate this into my journal. This 365 Days in a Picture group has really turned out to be the highlight of my day. Though as most of you know I love Flying Unicorn and I'm there almost everyday. I thought I knew the girls pretty well. Well it turns out, I didn't! I have learned so much about them in just the 9 days since this group started. I love this group!
I plan to enter my journal cover in the Mask"querade Challenge at Flying Unicorn. I used a Tattered Angels mask and stenciled it green, it's beside the "word of the day" grouping.
Here is my first ever Journal Cover!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting off the New Year with Art!

Here is my first "Artsy" creation for 2012

One of my 2012 "Art Goals" is to experiment more with mixed media. I want to learn new techniques, explore, and just have fun.
This year, I've decided that instead of wishing I could do more Artisy pieces I'm going to actually sit down and do them.

Awhile ago I purchased Collage Couture by Julie Nuttingg. I have to say this book is amazing!! Not only does she teach you how to draw the figures, eyes, mouths, etc..

The way she teaches you to draw the girls is simple and down to earth..you create a paper of 13 lines and just go grid to grid..then she has 9 different sets of eyes that are simple to create and also a very simple way to do the lips and hair. She shows you how to draw different poses..side views, etc.

The book includes lots of background techniques for you to try, different folds for different kinds of dresses, and lots of tips for cutting out the dress.....
She has step by step tutorials for 22 projects. Some examples are Newspaper Heiress, Vogue, Parisian Dreams..it is amazing..She includes a picture of the finished project, supplies needed, and detailed instructions for the background, the dolls, everything..yep I said 22 projects!! 22 different amazing girls on canvas, cards, etc!

I loved it so much that I've told most of my craft friends about it. I know that 2 of them have bought the book and they too are in love with it. So be sure to check it out. I purchased mine at Amazon..you can find it here:
Collage Couture by Julie Nutting

Anyway back to my art goals.. I know I'll have failures..and in a way my first "Art Creation" was kinda cheating. I traced the girl...lol
(with the Authors permission of course!). Julie Netting is such a sweet person. She not only gave me permission, she also took the time to answer my email and told me that she learned to draw by tracing other drawings!!! Such a sweet sweet lady. Here is her blog


Warning! You'll spend hours looking at her creations!

I did paint the hair free hand..yep! first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!..isn't it funny that I can be so proud of such a small thing as hair?!!

My next Girl Canvas is going to be huge! I bought a 16x20...and now that I have my feet wet...and I feel a little more comfortable with what I'm doing..this one..is going to be done by me...my own drawing, designing, a Barbara orginal! so stay tuned :o)