Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun Gothic Arch

Flying Unicorn had a Polar Bear and Pajama Party last weekend. It was so much fun! We had challenges, games, and of course prizes!

One of the challenges was a Gothic Arch challenge. I'm not to used to making Gothic Arches, in fact...this was my 2nd one of all time!
The first one I made for the challenge ended up in my scrap leftover file as it was horrible! lol..do you ever make something and then pitch it aside because you are to embarrassed to post it? Yep, that one was a failed project.
But hey, that is ok, because in the future I'll use it as a part of the background on a mixed media canvas...a little gesso on top or some molding paste, paint, ink, etc..and that baby will look good!

I soooo loved my second attempt! The background is just beautiful! I wish you could see the shimmer in it. They need to make a camera that captures shimmer and glitter! :o)

I just love the doll or whatever you call him! or her! or whatever it is! lol.. I bought the image from Cemerony Etsy Shop. I just adore her images!

So the moral of this story is..if you don't succeed..just start over! lol

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