Saturday, July 28, 2012

My diy clip up system

I have so many craft/scrapbooking items that my floors can not hold more shelfs, bookcases, etc...there isn't room! But..I had plenty of room on my walls. So, I decided to create my own DIY Clip Up System!

I purchased cafe rods at Walmart for 2.97 each...measurements are 28 to 48 could buy an extender if your wall is longer. The hooks were 84 cents for 14.

Total cost per roll...$3.81! Yep heard right 3 dollars and 81 cents a roll!
I love this! Best organazion I've ever had..whatever I'm working on I just walk to the wall and take off what I need. No more digging through drawers!
In fact, I love it so much I want to do a wall for my flowers and another for my bling :o)...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scrapping Vacation

I am still trying to finish scrapbooking the pictures we took on our 2011 vacation :o).. When I saw Graphic 45's Tropical Traveloque collection I knew this what what I wanted to use.

To make the water I tore 2 different shades of blue Bazzill paper (one light and one a little darker). I misted them lightly with water and bended them in the shape I wanted then heat dried to hold the folds. I then spritzed with Tattered Angel glimmer mists. (DazzlingDiamonds and Robin's Egg). While they were still wet I sprinkled Sea Salt on them and let them dry. The sea salt makes the darker color speckles and also gives it texture.

I cut the Seaweed out on my Silhouette SD. Inked it with TH Distress inks and then covered it with Utee several times heating each time.

The bank was made with molding paste. I mixed some Moleding Paste with Acrylic paints until I had the color I wanted and applied with a spatula to give it texture. While it was still wet I placed some sea shells into it and let it dry.

Easy Peasy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review - Creative Foundations by Vicki Boutin

I am way behind in reviewing this book. So I thought no time better than the present.

This book is loaded with techniques and I do mean loaded! I think there are around 40 different techniques.

Vicki has a great way of instructing! She's down to earth..easy to follow and offers additional ways of using the techniques.

For anyone who is a beginner scrapper I would say this is the first book you should buy! Even an old scrapper (over 10 years) like me learned new things!

She guides you through every step of the way. And when I say guides you...I mean guides you..she has a project for each and every technique!

 She starts off by explaining about the technique and then tells you what you'll need. She includes step by step pictures and also adds little details or tells you how to achieve other looks using the same techniques. All the projects in her book have a materials list so you'll know exactly what she used to create them.

She has the book broken up into parts. Foundations, techniques, and layering. Then at the end of the book she has a whole chapter showing other well known paper crafter's projects and what techniques the used..

It is a very inspirational book and I would highly recommend it to everyone. New and old crafters!

And for you kindle lovers out there..They even have a kindle version!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lost my mojo

When Spring came I was super busy planting the veggie garden, the herb garden, and of course my flowers in the yard. After that was done I started creating again but found that whatever I created I hated..didn't finish..somehow during the break I lost my way. Now, I love turning on the music, going to my craft room and creating. But then I started dreading it..because I couldn't create a thing I liked! was my idea...why not go to the master's and copy them. I would be creating but I wouldn't keep failing. After all, if you see the project already's pretty simple right? So as you all know. I never ...EVER!!...copy someone's work without giving that person credit. I just do not believe that you should take credit for someone's creative ideal. So let me show you where I got my inspiration for my latest projects. First off was one of my idols Ronda Palazzari I love this woman! She doesn't have a Copyright law on her page..which always confuses me..what does it mean..does it mean you can't copy..or does it mean you can but you have to get credit? Confusing!! Anyway, Ronda does not do I was good to go. She's one of the most talented creators out there in the papercraft world. And..she give her secrets away freely! I always hit her blog the minute she posts something because I am never disappointed. I was in love with a graffiti style canvas she did. You can see it here! Here was her canvas:
Beautiful right? I just love it! I didn't have the stamp she used so I used one I had for the graffiti...I also changed the words. Here was my take
I love it and it is now proudly hanging in my craft room. Ronda has just published a new book. Art of Layers: Simple Techniques, Inventive Scrapbook Pages, Imaginative Papercrafts I plan to buy this. I looked at a few sample of Amazon and from what I can looks fantasic! I can't wait to get my hands on it!