Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

I keep forgetting to post What's on my Workdesk Wednesday! But I've been a busy busy girl. :o)
I've been taking a class at Studio Calico (Color Studio). It is my very first Studio Calico class and it won't be my last!

 I have taken a lot of Scrapbooking and Art related classes in the past. I lot of them I left thinking "this wasn't worth my money"! But not the class at Studio Calico. I usually felt the classes I took didn't cater to seasoned scrappers. It was usually just simple things and techniques I already knew.

I am in love with the Color Studio Class! I know the basics of the color wheel. But that was about all I knew. I am really learning how to think about color and how to use it to take my scrapping to a higher level.

Our first assigment was to find a color combo I liked and to build a kit from my scrapping items using those colors. To me this was a great assigment. It made me study colors, color combos, and really think about the colors.

I knew I wanted to scrap a picture of my Grandson (Greyson). I have 6 Grandson's and I try to take turns scrapping them. I choose this pic taken by my Son-In-Law

Now how cute is that! So off I went to find a color combo I liked. After looking at combo's for about an hour I finally choose this!

It had all the colors in the photo plus Teal..I love the shades of Grey, and I love how the Teal and Red pop against the Greys and Black!

Using the combo I started sorting thru my craft items and putting together a kit that had those colors.
Here is a pic of the kit I created.

Since this was a Studio Calico class I tried to use mostly Studio Calico products :o).

This weeks assigment was to create a project using the kit we created. Which brings me back to "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! I am now creating a layout using the kit I put together!

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