Thursday, January 22, 2015

1st Project Life page of 2015

I finally finished my 1st PL page of 2015. I'm still working on Christmas pages..yes yes I know..I'm a little behind! I used a little bit of products from several companies to create this page. My favorite card "Tis the Season" was from an add on of Studio Calico's Walden PL kit called Christmas cards. To that I added some additional cards and embellies from Gossamer Blue and Maggie Holmes by Crate Paper.

I also made my first Bokah (2nd picture on top) using Lightroom 5. I recently upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud and it comes with Lightroom 5 and Adobe Photoshop 2014. I adore Lightroom it's really simple to use and not at all complicated as I found Photoshop to learn..You know if I can create a Bokah it has to be easy to use!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Organization Attempt

Every Black Friday I go to Michael's and buy more craft organization Cabinets. They have had them 60% off for the last 4 years. This is the perfect time for me to get more as they are fairly pricey (around 50.00 each).  I can get so many more for 20.00 each! ha ha

This year I bought 5 more! Yep..5..and I'm finding I still need more. I have a huge craft shopping problem! I always want all the new lines and the problem is I never use it all. So my Scrapping Supplies continue to grow and I continue to buy more organization items to hold them.

I am constantly trying to find a better way to keep my things organized. I have found in my old age I just can not stand clutter. I can't create in it, I can't live in it.

This year as I was putting my cabinets together and rearranging my items. I found so many things I had forgotten I had. I tend to use things I see and not what is stored.

Right now Ephemera is my main problem lol..the same one I tried to tackle last Jan! I had thought if I sorted them by color/theme in plastic containers that my problem would be solved...So I did this..

This system isn't working for me. I am not good at digging thru things..hate it in fact..and I am not using these items as I should..

So..I decided to try something new. I am now putting them onto old cardstock I have that is faded and probably will not be used and putting them into a 12 x 12 old photo album.  The new collections will be on a page all by itself..and then when I'm done with it I am going to put the rest onto pages sorted by color and/or theme. That way when I am creating, I can just grab the book and instantly see what epherma I have (in say red) without all that digging!

The only thing you need to be careful about is making sure you use prepositional adhesive! I am hoping this new system will help me to use all the cool embellies I have that have been collecting dust :o).

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello 2015!

I haven't written a blog post since March 2014! Gone are the days I ignore my blog. There was a reason. I was making 4 Project Life Albums for my daughters and didn't want to post the pics. Well I didn't finish them all the way but this year I am going to create some things for me as well and try my best to finish theirs!

I have some Scrapping Goals this year..

1. Work on what I want..not what I feel I need to

2. Make my own PL book..with no rules! nope not a will not be a weekly or a monthly, it will be whatever I choose to make!

I am sticking with the 12 x 12. But my process will be a little out of the ordinary..ha ha.. 
I am daily pics just aren't the norm..all my children live in other cities/states. 
With the 12 x 12 I can put in all the 12x12 layouts I do, the 8 by 11 layouts I do, and do pl in the same album. My album is going to be a mish mash of my creations..If I have very little pics for the month so be it..if it's a month my grandchildren come then it may be 3 pages of pl and a few 12 x 12's...or 8 x 11's..heck I may even throw in a few journal pages as I really want to get back into the messy art I love but I don't want to have to commit to a journal :o) 
I am going to create what I want..put in there what I want..and in the end I feel if I go with the flow..the flow will be so much more enjoyable! :o)

3. Use something old in every single thing I create! My craft room is out of control and if it gets any worse I am afraid someone will submit me for the Hoarder Show! lol is my first creation for 2015! 

I was so inspired by Kathleen's creation using the Scrapbook Werkstatt December Kit that I just had to try my hand at it. I didn't have the kit but I did have most of the items she used. I just love how this came out.  And I was able to keep my promise to myself to use something old. I used the wooden starts from Studio Calico that I've had about 2 or so years..Now to create some project life pages to go with it!